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Meet Coach Kyu!
Kyu, a retired police officer with 22 years of dedicated service, now leads Evolution Bootcamp with a humble mission to transform lives through fitness and health. Together with his brother-in-law Neal, they co-founded this endeavor.
His commitment to fostering better health through the principles of nutrition, exercise, and rest is fueled by his passion for fitness. Kyu believes that well-being should always be a top priority for others, and he’s here to guide them on their transformative journeys, regardless of their starting points.  In his view, the true heroes are his clients who work diligently and achieve amazing results.



Meet Coach Robyne! 
Coach Robyne has been part of the Evolution Fit Fam since February of 2020. She’s an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and PN1 Nutrition Coach. 
Robyne strives to make every workout safe, tough, and yes, FUN! If you hear a loud YIPPY during class, you know Coach Robyne is in the house! She enjoys engaging with people every day, helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. She is a self-proclaimed Nutrition Nerd.  Outside of the gym Robyne enjoys the beach, cooking, photography, her dogs, Jeeping, working out (of course) and spending time with her family. 
Come and check out a class with Coach Robyne. YIPPY!



Meet Coach Charles! Charles is NASM certified personal trainer and he is as committed to exercise as he is to self-improvement. Beginning his fitness journey nearly two years ago, Charles has devoted himself to pushing his limits in the gym and striving to never stop improving. Specializing in resistance training, Charles isn’t one to back down from a challenge and finds himself right at home in the engaging world of HIIT. He is beyond excited to work with the Evolution community and empower people to achieve their own goal.

In his spare time, Charles enjoys writing, sculpting, D&D, painting, strength training, watching movies, and spending time with his dog. During Wednesday and Friday nights however, you’ll find him at Evolution pushing classes to the next level and loving every minute of it!



Meet Coach Gianna!
She is a NASM certified personal trainer and was an athlete for many years. Gianna takes a holistic approach to training, connecting the mind and the body. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, making it important to work on all aspects of our health.
She is a dad joke expert and will always try to get you to smile throughout the workout (even if no one laughs at her jokes).
Gianna’s goal as a trainer is to motivate everyone to have a HEALTHY relationship with nutrition and working out.
She is looking forward to being a part of everyone’s fitness journey and is there to help along the way.
Outside the gym, Gianna loves to be outside reading books or going on a hike. For the rainy days or winter months, she enjoys playing video games and rewatching one of her many favorite Netflix shows! Family is super important to her and spends time with them whenever she can.



Meet Coach Tommy! Coach Tommy, a NASM certified personal trainer, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to Evolution Bootcamp. Currently pursuing a degree in Communications at Rutgers University, he specializes in group personal training, crafting dynamic and engaging fitness programs. Committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, Tommy combines his love for fitness with his training knowledge to create fun and effective workouts. Beyond the gym, his interests include basketball and mountain biking, reflecting his dedication to an active and healthy lifestyle. With a strong focus on guiding others toward improved fitness and well-being, Tommy is a valuable asset to the Evolution Bootcamp team.



Meet Raff!

Raff is our Administrative Specialist and her dedication lies in fostering a welcoming and organized environment for all our clients. With exceptional customer service skills and a warm, friendly nature, she’s the go-to person for any studio-related inquiries or assistance. Beyond her administrative role, Raff’s true passion for supporting others shines through, making the fitness studio a place where everyone feels welcomed and supported on their fitness journeyShe has a B.A. in International Studies and has experience as a Quality Assurance Specialist as well as a senior advisor in the Customer Service Industry. She is super friendly, eager to help and we are so happy to have her on our team!



Meet Michele!

Michele is our Administrative Specialist and is our newest addition to our team. She believes that the team’s foremost priority is ensuring that our client’s needs are met.

Michele brings a wealth of experience from the beauty industry and has served as a hair salon manager for over 8 years. Beyond her role here, she enjoys activities such as working out and cooking. In her free time, she dedicates herself to her husband, five children, and two grandchildren. Michele firmly believes that a healthy self is the greatest gift one can offer to their family and the world.

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